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Nail Gel Glue

Nail Gel Glue

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Maravan Nail Gel Glue is the glue you need for our nail extensions.  This product is gel based glue that can be fully melted down by acetone along with our soft gel nail tips.  Our Nail Gel Glue lasts longer than traditional nail glue and does not lift if applied correctly.  Maravan Nail Gel Glue is a 4 -in 1 multipurpose glue that can be used in four different methods: 1- nail gel glue for tip extensions, 2 - decor glue for nail decors such as diamonds, 3 - base coat for longer lasting nail designs and colour and 4 - nail strengthens to fill flat nail beds.  


Maravan Nail Gel Glue includes :

-1 x 15ml Nail Gel Glue


How to use : 

1: Nail Tip Extension- Apply the Nail Gel Glue on the underside of a nail tip extension and apply the nail tip to the natural nail allowing the glue to flow to the sides without overflowing and air bubbles.  Cure under the UV/LED light for 1 minute. 


2: Decor Glue- Apply the Nail Gel Glue on the nail where you want the nail decor to be, place the nail decor on top of the Nail Gel Glue and cure for 1 minute under UV/LED light, wipe off excess with alcohol pad if needed.


3: Base Coat- Apply the Nail Gel Glue on the natural nail and cure for 1 minute under the UV/LED light.  Wipe off the excess with alcohol pad if needed and add design or colour.


4: Nail Strengthener - Apply the Nail Gel Glue on the Nail Tip or Natural nail to desired form and cure under the UV/ LED light for 1 minute.  Wipe off the excess with alcohol pad.  


Note : Due to health and safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns, refunds or exchange on this item unless there are manufacture defects, missing items or damages.  If this is the case, please contact us with the detailed information and we will send a replacement as soon as possible. Please read our return policy for additional information.
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